Respect begins with a paycheck and includes the people you work with and home time.

I have been the beneficiary of help from other professional drivers when I was in need.  And so I have so much respect for the incredible work and ethic of professional drivers who deliver the quality of life we all enjoy.

As a business man, I am aware that the driver is the key interface with our customers and the outside world.  I am aware that the most important safety factor in a big truck is the driver. 

Performance, Perception, Packaging, Persistence

The Right Way Trucking culture.

As a driver, I am intimately familiar with how hard we work while on the road.  I have driven in all weather conditions.  I have waited when roads have been closed.  I have experienced the joy of seeing America and driving through small towns and scenic vistas from the perch of an 18 wheeler.   I have stopped to help a young family with a small child stranded with a broken car on the side of the road in the dark of night and driven them back to the nearest town.  

So when I say one of our foundation principles is “Respect for the Individual” it is genuine and real.  I have always attempted to never make any distinction in how I treat anyone based on perceived educational, social, economic, religious, racial or any other perception.  

As a business man, I know that the way I treat our drivers and employees will be the way they treat our customers.  I have not been disappointed yet.

If you have a culture of respect, if your employees are your number one focus, they will treat your customers with respect, they will take pride in their work.  The company’s customers will become the driver’s customers.  Everyone wins in such a culture.​
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Professional Drivers:

  • Bring the good life.
  • Are the safest drivers on the road.
  • Drive quality equipment.
  • Seek quality companies.